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Focus your internal team on new developments

Whether you outsource your software development or manage it inhouse – the result is that you end up spending a significant amount of time and resources keeping that source code maintained and up to date. This deflects your team from working with the business to define new capabilities and features that need to be brought to market quickly.

The SCAD Software methodology is a unique language agnostic development framework, based on Industry standard technologies.

With a range of pre-configured building blocks to cover most business processes  we expect to reduce the amount of source code by up to 90%. This gets us to market up to 70 % faster than traditional software development.

The implications are transformational:

  • We future proof our clients against changes in new technology.
  • The change management and testing cycle is much faster than traditional development, enabling increased frequency of new releases.
  • Lower risk of failure and faster to make changes in our metadata – compared with changes to source code.
  • We offer a range of ongoing support options from a fully managed service to a more hands-on support approach from your team.

We will take your legacy applications or build new software from scratch. In both cases we use our unique methodology to deliver applications that take advantage of the latest technology.

We deliver this back to you or run it as a fully managed service. Either way we have a range of support options that ensure we can focus on keeping your applications up to date with the latest technologies. This leaves your team to work with the business, defining new capabilities and driving the business forward.

Our metadata development approach is a unique implementation of well established methodologies.

We have an automatic API for every function.

We support the full range of industry standard clients and database technologies and have demonstrated our capability to integrate with other complex and proprietary systems.

Mobile – There is a lot of work to be done to make existing applications mobile / web ready.  You must create a strategy to handle the security and to separate your presentation layer from your database layer through REST Based Services.  A system developed using the SCAD Framework is automatically mobile ready as everything is accessed through modern REST Based Services.

Social networking – The SCAD Framework allow social network authentication and login out of the box. Web Based front ends are social media friendly.  Log into our systems using Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and other means by just changing a setting.

Big Data – The SCAD Framework lends itself to Big Data consumption as an outcome without any development.  The biggest issue is that in most cases data is pushed to the Big Data platforms via separate pieces of software, and it is not an outcome of the normal business processes.  It also normally happens after the fact.  Through our platform we can provide real time or near real time analytics of data.

Identity Management – The SCAD Framework is integrated with different bio-metric providers to allow you to have multi factor bio metric authentication to enable to single source Identity management through various means.

IoT (Internet of Things) – SCAD has been involved in integration with PLC and SCADA in advanced automated manufacturing and mining plants since 1999.  IoT devices are mostly the same type of devices, but just accessible through the internet.  Our platform allows for easy integration with IOT devices as part of normal business processes.  An example of this is for the mining industry where we have Rules Based Access Control systems for preventative maintenance of mining plants.  Although people have access cards to enter specific areas, we only allow people to enter the areas of there is a maintenance job scheduled and they are part of the job team.  We also monitor them in real time and measure the time that they spend in the plant.

Regulation and Governance – Organisations have huge challenges to adapt to constant regulatory change.  These regulatory changes have a knock-on effect on systems and processes throughout the organization. When doing traditional software development, the cost and time of doing this can have a big impact on the business and can result in risk and penalties.  Using our Technology, change can be affected a lot quicker and at lower cost.  An example is Basel compliance in the banking industry or Solvency II in the insurance industry.  SCAD Software has been involved in these highly regulated environments for over 20 years, and our technology are at the cutting edge when it comes to rolling out changes quickly.