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SCAD Software’s unique technology and service , provides the fastest, lowest ongoing cost solution to the growing issue of legacy systems.

Legacy code is providing a huge barrier for Companies looking to build new capabilities quickly, easily and cost effectively.

SCAD are looking to develop International partnerships to extend the success they have had in the South African Market.

Contact us at [email protected] for an informal chat to see how we can add value, greater IT capacity and velocity to your business with a lower cost of ownership.

Situation in most businesses

With the initial implementation of requirements, the gap between the requirements and the initial implementation is small or non existent. But as additional requirements or the need for upgrades and integration to other systems drive future system changes, the gap between what the business needs and what the actual system is increases.

Results of situation in most businesses:

  • High cost of ownership
  • Lengthy development cycles
  • High Complexity
  • Low business impact from system changes
  • High levels of manual processing
  • Negative impact on bottom-line
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The SCAD Promise

Benefits realized as a result of the SCAD approach:

  • Lower cost of ownership
  • Shorter time to market
  • Lower complexity
  • High business impact of system changes
  • Low Impact on Business
  • Greater automation
  • Positive impact on bottom-line
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ISV's & Developers

ISV's & Developers

The SCAD platform gives ISV’s and Developers a fast, profitable way to access greater development resources, that quickly turns legacy code into a modern, recurring revenue stream

Digital Transforation Consultancy

Digital Transforation Consultancy

Complement your Consulting business with an end to end Development capability and a new PaaS revenue stream

Your customers will be struggling with the challenges of legacy code and a rapidly changing business environment.

Scad Software offers a new and unique approach to software development, that saves money, is much faster to market with a higher success rate than traditional software development.

Scad have a number of Partnership models from Referral through to Development Partner.

Contact us at: [email protected], We would be delighted to see how we can help you add a new, highly profitable revenue stream to your business.

The Challenge of Legacy

  • Legacy is defined as any outdated computer code. In essence any system that is out of date and needs replacing.
  • The amount of legacy code is staggering. This is predicted to increased significantly
    • Cobol alone – estimated to represent 250Bn lines of code.
    • By 2018 – predicted there will be more than 1 trillion lines of source code
  • The more source code we create, the more legacy problems we create
    • Governance issues, Cost of maintaining, Speed of adding new capabilities etc
  • Traditionally, there were 5 ways that Customers would try to solve legacy:
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Traditional options to address legacy

  • Make legacy look good

  • Re-write legacy in a modern language

  • Replace with off the shelf solution

  • Replace with low code development frameworks

  • Do nothing


  • Still have the cost and issue of maintaining the legacy

  • Creates more code – ultimately more legacy

  • Suppliers charge you for managing their legacy

  • Reduce the cost of managing legacy

  • *

Scad Software

  • SCAD takes a different approach to Legacy – one that has been proven extensively over the last 20 years: Meta Data Driven Development
    • Turns source code into data.
    • The data is then processed in databases.
    • Each data point has a single reference – make a change to that reference and it changes through out the whole solution (e.g. Like changing the VAT rate in a spreadsheet cell)
  • Changes are very quick to make
  • Very low costs to maintain
  • Legacy code is a thing of the past
  • High project success rate
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