SCAD Software is looking to develop Regional and International Partnerships to extend our reach globally.

The SCAD service is very different from traditional outsourced software development. Principally because we are able to reduce the amount of source code in an application by between 30 and 95%, our development is:

  • Typically, 75% faster to deliver than traditional software development
  • Lower cost – not so much in day rate terms, but in number of days to develop the application
  • Faster Release Cycles – Clients increasingly are asking Managed Service providers to signup to KPI’s that include being faster to market for new capabilities. Our methodology significantly reduces both Development and Testing cycles enabling us to improve release cycles.
  • Delivered as a service with recurring support revenues.

These benefits can help Partners improve their competitiveness at winning bids as well as Client profitability.

Contact us at [email protected] for a confidential conversation to explore how we might work together.

Outsourced Software Development

Looking to add Outsourced Software Development to your portfolio, or to extend your capability. Our service-based model can flex according to your requirements.

Our capability is:

  • 75% Faster to market than traditional software development
  • Lower Cost
  • Lower risk – we have a 100% delivery record. Our methodology enables us to reduce the risk of failed development projects.
  • Very fast at adding new capabilities.
  • Open to a discussion around value-based charging models.

System Integration

Transferring legacy applications to SCAD is typically 75% faster than traditional outsourced development. This is lower cost as well as delivering a lower risk of failure, due to a significant reduction in source code. This would enable a Partner to either increase deal profitability, or increased competitiveness to win bids.

We aim to deliver a 30% operational cost saving on the ongoing support and development costs, with faster release cycles enabling faster innovation and speed to market.

Case Study

We helped a leading international bank in South Africa to address a legacy issue with their International Credit Application (ICA).

  • We created a new system for them in our framework in 3 months.
  • We delivered this across 14 countries, 800 branches.
  • There were less than 10 incidents in year 1.
  • Moved from no redundancy and duplication to a centralized store, high available to 99.99% with full Disaster Recovery and failover.

The cost of the new system was less than the cost of their internal team upgrading their legacy system.

We reduce the amount of source code in that instance by 75% and moved them from a quarterly to weekly release cycle.