Legacy Migration Services

We have been delivery Managed Development Services to our clients for the last 19 years. A unique solution that genuinely reduces the amount of technical debt through a radical reduction in source code.

Until recently, the options have been limited to:

  • Move the platform to an offshore provider. Typically the solution involves throwing resources at the issue (Result: Gets it off their books but doesn’t reduce the legacy issue and if anything compounds it)
  • Migrate to an off the shelf offering with no customisation only configuration (Result: More Cost as you will be paying that vendor for the inbuilt legacy)
  • Rewrite in a new technology (Expensive and doesn’t reduce the source code)

Now they have a new option – which is to outsource to SCAD, who will deliver it as a managed service.

We deliver a fully managed and supported service for applications hosted on-premise/cloud or hybrid platform.

The Benefits of this approach are:

  • A reduction in monthly OPEX cost
  • No additional capex
  • Significant reduction (up to 95%) in source code – means a higher probability of success (based on the # of agile projects that fail) and very quick to add new features