Swift Channel Application Development Services (SCAD)

We deliver a new approach to software development

Our development services can reduce your time to market by 75% and reduce your cost by at least 25%. We enable this by reducing the amount of source code in applications by anything from 30% to as much as 95%.

This represents a New Generation of Software Development – significantly increasing your agility, significantly reducing the risk of project failure and significantly reducing the software development bottlenecks and delivering a faster new release cycle.

We have been around for 20 years. We have a blue-chip client base and would welcome the opportunity to demonstrate our capability to your organisation.

  • Is legacy software a growing challenge for your business?
  • Are you interested in reducing your monthly operating expense by as much as 30%?
  • Innovation through fast release cycles of new capabilities.
  • Short term development resources to manage peaks and troughs of demand?
  • Application Modernisation and Migration to the Cloud

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Swift Channel Application Development Pty (Ltd)

Rapid Delivery

Over the last eighteen years, SCAD has developed a platform and methodology that allows for the rapid development and deployment of enterprise class applications at a speed unmatched by anyone else.

Swift Channel Application Development Pty (Ltd)

Cloud Enabled Architecture

Every application designed by SCAD software is natively cloud enabled. This ensures infinite and immediate automated scalability.

Swift Channel Application Development Pty (Ltd)

Platform Independance

The methodologies and platform utilised by SCAD are completely platform agnostic.


SCAD Software has been involved in Software Development since 1998. We are at the forefront of innovation, and using our technology, which we deliver as a service, we have been developing custom and packaged software that spans most industries from small businesses to large multinationals. Our track record is impeccable. We don’t just understand software, we understand your business and our focus is helping you to transform your business and take it into the future.


  • Legacy Migration Services

  • Software Development Services

  • Minimum Viable Product Offering

  • Build, Operate Transfer

  • Cloud Migration Factory


We were one of the few teams that had external people (SCAD) working with us and the collaboration was amazing, and it felt like we have worked with those people for years. It was very close working relationships.

Anisa Razaak (FNB CodeFest 2015), Lizaan Human (FNB – Codefest)

Their service is impeccable.

Pete , COO of Large Financial Institution

We thought it will be impossible to deliver within the timelines they committed to.


Thanks for your longstanding service of more than 10 years.


They really understand our business

SCAD has been a core supplier to our international banking group since the year 2000.  They have consistently exceeded our expectations and have always delivered in time and budget.


We have been using SCAD Software since 1999.  We have not logged one support where there was a system failure on their side.  Their stuff is extremely stable.

International Mining Group

SCAD delivered a Point of Sale solution for us in 1995.  We have been using it for the last 24 years without any issues.

Dawson Motors

SCAD Replaced our Syspro ERP System with a custom solution based on the SCAD Framework in only 8 months. This included moving our data over.

Large Network Infrastructure Provider

SCAD played a leading role in our Y2K project in 2000.  They did changes to over 1,000 applications being used in our organization.

Leading Paper Manufacturer

SCAD did a 6 week proof of concept for an end to end Insurance System. In the process they competed with one of the biggest suppliers of off the shelf Insurance Software in the world. They actually deliver 100% on the requirements of the Proof of Concept.  Unbelievable !!!

Bidvest Group

SCAD was part of our Y2K project and exceeded our expectations.


SCAD successfully delivered on a complex project to provide financial consolidation for 28 totally disparate organizations in Eskom Enterprises.

Eskom and Arivia.com

SCAD successfully delivered an end to end Operational Risk System for this Global Bank over 14 countries in an unbelievably short time.


SCAD successfully delivered a full AML (Anti Money Laundering) and KYC (Know your Customer) solution for this Global Bank in a record time.


We have been using SCAD for 11 years on a mission critical system that has to be on 24/7.  They have never failed on their SLA. Their system is the most stable in our organization.


SCAD has been our technology partner for over 10 years.  We did many projects together where our customers thought it was impossible to deliver in the timelines we provided.


SCAD will always be my go to company for anything relating to software.


I worked with SCAD for a number of years.  We are still very good friends and given any chance, I will use them again.

Business Sectors
  • Financial
  • Medical Research
  • Manufacturing
  • Mining
  • Distribution

A SCAD Solution gives you:.