Don’t think #lowcode, think #lesscode


The trend for low code is fantastic, with Gartner predicting that by 2024 low-code application development will be responsible for more than 65% of application development activity, this is testimony [...]

Don’t think #lowcode, think #lesscode2020-05-21T06:52:59+00:00

SCAD Software in the UK join forces with DSL


SCAD Software is delighted to announce a partnership with Database Software Limited (DSL) to provide a fast cost-effective migration path for all applications created with the Ffenics Framework or DataEase [...]

SCAD Software in the UK join forces with DSL2020-05-13T12:21:21+00:00

Absa Blocks Third Party Aggregation Site


Third party aggregation sites pose a clear risk to customer security and 22seven will be blocked again, Absa says.... Even though 22seven’s ability to pull data from an Absa Internet [...]

Absa Blocks Third Party Aggregation Site2019-03-26T13:27:29+00:00

Standard Bank Focus Change


Standard Bank will not pursue short-term gains to achieve further dominance in Africa but will push to aggressively expand return on equity, which is still too low, says group CEO [...]

Standard Bank Focus Change2019-03-26T13:27:39+00:00

FNB Winner in Internet Banking Survey


Survey reveals most satisfied internet banking customers A new survey by online market research specialists, Columinate, has revealed that FNB and Capitec clients are the most satisfied when it comes [...]

FNB Winner in Internet Banking Survey2019-03-26T13:28:07+00:00

Nedbank Boss and Politicians


Reuel Khoza, the chairman of the Nedbank Group, says South Africa has a strange breed of leaders who were determined to undermine the rule of law. Khoza, who is a [...]

Nedbank Boss and Politicians2019-03-26T13:28:30+00:00

RMB Launches Banking App


Shortly after being awarded the Euromoney award for “Best Private Bank in South Africa”, RMB Private Bank announced the launch of their transactional banking Application (App) exclusive to their clients. [...]

RMB Launches Banking App2019-03-26T13:28:48+00:00

Taiwan Deal with SA Central Bank


Taiwan's Financial Supervisory Commission (FSC) signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) Thursday with the Bank Supervision Department of South Africa's central bank on cooperation in the banking sectors of the [...]

Taiwan Deal with SA Central Bank2019-03-26T13:28:54+00:00

Document/Contract Management Solution


We are currently in the process of rolling out our Document/Contract management solution in one of the major banks in South Africa, and part of the top 10 banks in [...]

Document/Contract Management Solution2019-03-26T13:29:43+00:00