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SA Banks Healthy but Eurozone Shadow Looms


Reserves, profits and loans are on the rise but eurozone uncertainty is casting a pall over the future in South Africa, argues Lisa Steyn. While the world watches anxiously as [...]

SA Banks Healthy but Eurozone Shadow Looms2019-03-26T13:27:06+00:00

Another Credit Rating Downgrade Avoided?


The creation of a liquidity pool which South African banks can tap to meet the global industry's new Basel III regulatory requirements relieves the pressure for a credit rating downgrade [...]

Another Credit Rating Downgrade Avoided?2019-03-26T13:27:17+00:00

Credit Card Payment Growth 2012


Credit Card Payment Markets to Watch in 2012 Euromonitor International took a look at the markets that are expected to show the most card payment volume growth in 2012. Emerging [...]

Credit Card Payment Growth 20122019-03-26T13:28:22+00:00

The Bank Run Has Returned


Interesting article by Tyler Cowen in Business Day, New York Times: (Tyler Cowen is a professor of economics at George Mason University) Since the end of World War II, economists [...]

The Bank Run Has Returned2019-03-26T13:29:13+00:00