Facility to Assist Big 5 with Basel III Liquidity


In an unprecedented move to bombproof the country’s major lenders, South African Reserve Bank governor Gill Marcus has set up a R240-billion facility to help the big five banks to [...]

Facility to Assist Big 5 with Basel III Liquidity2019-03-26T13:27:23+00:00

UK and France Clash Over Equity


"Europe is about to set in stone a first set of standards designed to strengthen banks" reports Le Figaro. Finance ministers from the 27 member states are meeting today (May [...]

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Basel 3 Will Cost


The new Basel 3 banking rules are likely to increase funding costs for banks by as much as 30%, says leading rating agency. The implementation of Basel III in the [...]

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Regulator Firm on Basel 3


Australia regulator resists pressure to ease tough new rules on balance sheet capital The Australian Prudential Regulation Authority also plans to stick to its accelerated timetable for the introduction of [...]

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