Background and History.

SCAD started in 1998 in South Africa and quickly recognized that Business and Technology change will accelerate over time. This creates an ever widening gap between business needs and IT delivery.  This proved to be true. IT is always playing catchup and lags very far behind ever changing business needs.

This is not only the case in big corporates, but even in startups, small to medium businesses and well known companies like Facebook and Google, this is an ongoing challenge.  SCAD has been working for 20 years on technology that will minimize the gap and that will assure that you future proof your business, increase your profits and competitiveness and be the market leader in your industry.

We have an impeccable track record and our technology has helped some very big organizations to improve their agility dramatically.  We can help you too.

Our Credentials

  • 20 years in business – with an extensive blue chip client base across finance, medical, manufacturing, mining.
  • 100% delivery success rate
  • Developed an end to end regulatory management system for a major bank – covering all their regulatory frameworks
  • Implemented a credit management system for a major bank
    • Less than 10 low risk incidents in year 1
    • System has never failed in 10 years – regarded as the most stable system in the bank
    • Only supplier never to have failed a Data Recovery Test
  • Scale is not an issue – developed a System for a client with a 7 terabyte database.
  • Very low bandwidth usage – Sub 2 Second response times over 56K network speeds
  • Flexibility – one client provided 60 change requests to the system during UAT, 2 weeks before going live.
Swift Channel Application Development Pty (Ltd)

Traditional Software Development

With the initial implementation of requirements, the gap between the requirements and the initial implementation is small or non existent. But as additional requirements or the need for upgrades and integration to other systems drive future system changes, the gap between what the business needs and what the actual system is increases.

Swift Channel Application Development Pty (Ltd)

The SCAD Approach

Benefits realized as a result of the SCAD approach:

  • Lower cost of ownership
  • Shorter time to market
  • Lower complexity
  • High business impact of system changes
  • Low Impact on Business
  • Greater automation
  • Positive impact on bottom-line