Background and History.

SCAD Software is an ethically driven software development company with a unique service that has been proven in many companies from blue chip to start-up and across multiple industries.

Started in 1998, we quickly realised that technology was struggling to keep up with the accelerating rate of business change. And if anything this was set to continue.

With a vision that there should be a better and faster way to deliver software development, we started building the SCAD Software Methodology.

The SCAD Methodology is a programming language agnostic framework with customisable building blocks. We replace huge amounts of source code in an application with metadata in a database and use REST based services to connect to an infinite range of software and services. SCAD Methodology

What we do

SCAD Software delivers software development services to clients across the world that are looking for speed to market and faster innovation cycles.

Our services can be uniquely applied to clients with both legacy software and or new requirements. Many are looking to migrate into the cloud and or include native mobile capabilities.

The results speak for themselves.

Our track record is to deliver 75% faster than traditional software development techniques either inhouse or outsourced.

We help our clients reduce the cost and risk of legacy source code, future proofing them from new technology enhancements.

Our clients also realise faster innovation cycles making them more agile and competitive in their market.

All this comes at a price advantage. We typically expect our customers to see at least a 30% cost saving from our services compared to alternative options.

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss how we can help you transform your software development. Please get in touch.

Our Credentials

  • 20 years in business – with an extensive blue chip client base across finance, medical, manufacturing, mining.
  • 100% delivery success rate
  • Track records of delivering
    • 30%+ reduction in volume of source code
    • 75% faster to market
    • Faster innovation cycles
  • Deployed and successfully delivered into robust highly regulated environments
    • An end to end Regulatory Compliance system for a major bank
    • An Integrated Banking Credit management System for a major bank
    • Replaced a legacy ERP solution for a Regional IT Services Provider
  • Only supplier never to have failed a Data Recovery Test within a major banking client.

Our Approach

We understand the concerns of businesses as they choose a partner to build a bespoke solution for them, and we aim to eliminate risks and build confidence right through the process.

We involve you in all phases of the project and sign off each stage to make sure that you are completely happy with what we have delivered and as importantly how we delivered it.

Customers typically ask us for one of two approaches:

  • Waterfall based approach : Where the cost, timeline and specification is fixed
  • Agile based approach : Where there isn’t a fixed cost or timeline and the development and design is an iterative approach.

Our preferred way of working is a hybrid of these. We provide a fixed cost and delivery time to the client and build in a percentage of flexibility to allow for agile development. To safe guard our own business, we would include a fair use clause/ cap on this flexible amount as part of the contractual relationship.

Our development methodology is dynamic and agile in style, with results being posted in realtime for client review and feedback. We are happy to work to a fixed cost and deadline, leaving some of the lower level detail to be ironed out in an agile manner

SCAD Support
We have a range of support options for our clients depending on the service level you require. Our support service ideally includes an element of ongoing new development. Clients have the option of paying for this as part of the comprehensive support service or on a “pay as you go “ basis.Typically we engage with customers on a rolling multi-year contract that minimises the upfront costs and better aligns the cost with the value.