Reduce time-to-market. Innovate more. Consign your legacy to us.

Imagine a world where your software development team can divert all their time to creating new capabilities FAST, without having to maintain and update existing applications.

Our unique SCAD Methodology is a software development framework that has been applied to both transform legacy as well as new build software, helping IT directors around the world do just that.

And we can do this for you.

What makes what we do different is that we reduce the amount of source code in an application by in some cases as much as 95%. We typically deliver applications 75% faster than traditional software development techniques.

More importantly, this methodology offers a lower-risk approach to building applications:

  • Your application is built to take advantage of all the latest technologies and future-proofed against new technology changes
  • A business model where you pay when we deliver.
  • A guaranteed exit strategy should you want to export back into another programming language.
  • Up to 95% less source code in the application – the risk of failure for new projects is significantly reduced.

This leaves your team to focus on creating new capabilities, with faster release cycles and a faster means of adding new features into applications, leaving the headache of maintenance, and keeping software compliant with new technology to us.

What would traditionally take days or weeks to develop in source code can take us hours or days. This can free up your IT team to focus on:

  • Specifying new capability – not maintaining existing code
  • Getting to market up to 75% faster than traditional development methodologies
  • Refresh and modernise legacy applications
  • Building new applications
Swift Channel Application Development Pty (Ltd)

Legacy Transformation

We have been working with clients of varying sizes and across many industries for 15 years.

We address the challenge of legacy software – how to transition to a modern environment quickly and cost effectively and to prevent having to rewrite these applications every few years when they go out of date.

We take your legacy applications, transition them to take advantage of the latest technology using our unique methodology that uses industry standard technology.

Having transitioned them to the SCAD Framework, applications are hosted at a location of your choice – on premise, cloud, or hybrid.

We have a range of ongoing support options which give you varying levels of control. We take care of ensuring your applications are always kept up to date with the latest technologies.

5 Reasons to choose SCAD Software for your Legacy Challenges:

  • Future proof your applications
  • 75% Faster to market compared with traditional software development methodologies
  • Faster innovation and new release cycles
  • Lower cost and attractive commercial model
  • Significantly less source code to manage
Swift Channel Application Development Pty (Ltd)

Software Development Services

Many clients become frustrated by the time it takes to develop software using traditional source code, be it inhouse or outsourced.

Once developed, the team then spends a disproportionate amount of time keeping that code current and up to date.

We remove the headache of having to keep software updated. This enables your team to work with us to define new capabilities and greatly enhance new release cycles

We will work with your team to define the requirements. Our Framework of pre-configured building blocks covers most business processes off-the-shelf. This gives us a fast start to developing your applications, with a dynamic iterative approach to development.

Once developed we have a range of support options to ensure we can keep your applications compliant against any changes in technology.

5 reasons to choose SCAD Software for your new application challenges:

  • 75% Faster to market compared with traditional software development methodologies
  • Faster innovation and new release cycles
  • Lower cost and attractive commercial model
  • Future-proof your application
  • Significantly less source code to manage


Software Development. We are at the forefront of innovation, using our unique methodology that takes advantage of the latest developments and future-proofs our clients against further changes in technology.

We have been developing custom and packaged software that spans most industries from small business to large multinationals for the past 15 years. Our track record is impeccable. We don’t just understand software, we understand your business and our focus is helping you transform your business and take it into the future.


We were one of the few teams that had external people (SCAD) working with us and the collaboration was amazing, and it felt like we have worked with those people for years. It was very close working relationships.

Anisa Razaak (FNB CodeFest 2015), Lizaan Human (FNB – Codefest)

Their service is impeccable.

Pete , COO of Large Financial Institution

We thought it will be impossible to deliver within the timelines they committed to.


SCAD has been a core supplier to our international banking group since the year 2000.  They have consistently exceeded our expectations and have always delivered in time and budget.


We have been using SCAD Software since 1999.  We have not logged one support request where there was a system failure on their side.  Their stuff is extremely stable.

International Mining Group

SCAD delivered a Point of Sale solution for us in 1995.  We have been using it for the last 24 years without any issues.

Dawson Motors

SCAD did a 6 week proof of concept for an end to end Insurance System. In the process they competed with one of the biggest suppliers of off the shelf Insurance Software in the world. They actually deliver 100% on the requirements of the Proof of Concept.  Unbelievable !!!

Bidvest Group

SCAD successfully delivered on a complex project to provide financial consolidation for 28 totally disparate organizations in Eskom Enterprises.

Eskom and

SCAD successfully delivered an end to end Operational Risk System for this Global Bank over 14 countries in an unbelievably short time.


SCAD successfully delivered a full AML (Anti Money Laundering) and KYC (Know your Customer) solution for this Global Bank in a record time.


We have been using SCAD for 11 years on a mission critical system that has to be on 24/7.  They have never failed on their SLA. Their system is the most stable in our organization.


SCAD has been our technology partner for over 10 years.  We did many projects together where our customers thought it was impossible to deliver in the timelines we provided.

Business Sectors
  • Financial
  • Medical Research
  • Manufacturing
  • Mining
  • Distribution